Impeded Interaction between Schwann Cells and Axons in the Absence of Laminin α4

Wilhelm Wallquist, Stefan Plantman, Sebastian Thams, Jill Thyboll, Jarkko Kortesmaa, Jan Lännergren, Anna Domogatskaya, Sven Ove Ögren, Mårten Risling, Henrik Hammarberg, Karl Tryggvason and Staffan Cullheim.

JNeurosci, 2005

The Schwann cell basal lamina is is required for normal myelination. The authors show here that absence of the laminin α4 chain, which distinguishes laminin-411 from laminin-211, leads to a disturbance in radial sorting, impaired myelination, and signs of ataxia and proprioceptive disturbances. Laminin-211 and laminin-411 have different critical functions in peripheral nerves, mediated by different integrin receptors.