Optimization of slow cooling cryopreservation for human pluripotent stem cells

Miyazaki T., Nakatsuji N., and Suemori H.

Genesis, 2013

Increased viability of hPSCs through single-cell freezing/thawing/expansion on laminin-521. This is one of the first customer publications that demonstrate Biolaminin-521 as an optimal xeno- and feeder-free matrix for pluripotent stem cells. The authors show cells should be cryopreserved as single cells for highest survival which is specifically supported by Biolaminin-521 that promotes adhesion and self-renewal of fully dissociated single cells in the absence of ROCK inhibitor. They demonstrate 80-90% survival of hPSCs post-thawing and 60% survival following subculture on Biolaminin-521, allowing for efficient and easy handling of cells and bulk storage of high-quality hPSCs.