August 27, 2018

BioLamina announces an OEM partnership with Cellink for the development of biologically relevant bioink products for bioprinting

Two innovative companies with unique technologies unite, creating powerful tools for researches and companies developing the treatments of tomorrow.

During recent years, 3D-bioprinting has emerged as a powerful cell culture technology but has also been hampered by the lack of a biologically relevant Bioink. Today, Cellink launches a brand new Bioink containing Biolaminins, that will enable scientists to combine the unique properties of the laminin protein with culturing cells in a 3D-enviroment. This approach will advance the 3D-bioprinting technology since the biological effect of the laminin protein will improve the structure and biochemical features, creating a microenvironment more authentic to the in vivo setting.

BioLamina develops and manufactures laminin protein-based reagents, Biolaminins. Laminins are a key regulator of cell behavior and essential for maintaining tissue functions. The impact of Biolaminin matrices on the advances in cell-based research and for the development of reliable and robust processes for cell therapy applications have been published in many high-impact journals. ” We are excited to announce this collaboration with Cellink and to get additional user applications for our outstanding products” says Kristian Tryggvason, CEO of BioLamina. ”This collaboration is in line with our vison to provide the research community with tools to enable new cell assays, to revolutionize cell culture.”

”We are stoked to be working together with one of the leading companies in the field of laminins as it will ensure our customers and partners will continue to get the highest quality products and reagents for their research. As a leading bioprinting technology provider, it’s essential to continue innovating and offering bioink products that create added value for our users. Our product development is always customer demand based and it’s a pleasure seeing this collaboration bringing new products to fruition”, says Erik Gatenholm, CEO of Cellink.

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Kristian Tryggvason, CEO