Stockholm September 30th, 2021

Appointment of new CEO at BioLamina AB

The Board of Directors of BioLamina is pleased to announce the appointment of Veronica Byfield Sköld as the new Chief Executive Officer.

Veronica Byfield Sköld brings extensive experience from the broader healthcare and life science field, with a focus on strategy, business development, and commercialization in highly regulated markets. She holds an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Business Management from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, and spent the first years of her career at management consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group (BCG). After that, she has held several management positions in companies like Gambro (renal care and blood component technology), Elekta (radiation oncology, radiosurgery, and neuroscience), and Permobil (advanced rehab), heading up activities within the strategy, marketing, commercialization, and medical affairs across global organizations. Most recently Veronica spent four years as an investment partner at the Nordic healthcare investment firm Impilo. She has served as a Director of the Board of BioLamina since April 2021.

“I have been fascinated by the domain of cell therapy since my early years with Gambro, and it is exciting to see the current development across the field, with so many activities moving into the clinical phase. The products BioLamina offers are key to supporting many of these efforts, and the strong demand we are experiencing is a great indication that customers across the globe are highly appreciative of the work the company is doing. Since joining the Board of Directors in early 2021, I have gradually got to know the market, company, and team better, and I have seen the tremendous growth and all the opportunities that lay ahead of us. I am very excited to join this highly competent team and work jointly to advance the success of BioLamina and our customers”, says Veronica Byfield Sköld.

“The board and I are delighted to welcome Veronica as the new CEO of BioLamina. I am confident that she, given her strong commercial competence and knowledge of the life science industry, has the strategic and leadership skills necessary to realize BioLamina’s full potential. BioLamina is growing at a fast pace, and I am very happy that Veronica shares the company’s belief in the importance of a strong, value-based culture for the company to attract and retain the best talent, whose skills and commitment will be critical to BioLamina’s and its partners’ future success. I would also like to thank COO Anders Lindblad for an excellent job done as acting CEO“, says Sophie Hagströmer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and investment professional at Bure Equity. She continues: “The main shareholders (including Bure Equity, the Tryggvason family, and Northislet) have a long-term view on our holding in BioLamina and are committed to supporting the company’s growth journey. The vision is to become a leading global provider of solutions for cell culture to enable lifesaving therapies.”

The appointment of a new CEO comes at a time of accelerated growth of BioLamina, which is currently expanding its manufacturing capacity fourfold to meet customer demand. The production facility expansion and appointment of a new CEO are steps in the further development of BioLamina as a key player in the global cell therapy field.

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BioLamina AB is a Swedish biotechnology company built on a scientific foundation with a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research. Our flagship products, our biorelevant human recombinant laminin isoforms, Biolaminin®, are defined cell culture matrices that successfully imitate the natural, cell-specific cell-matrix interaction in the cell culture dish, allowing the cells to thrive and maintain their function. Our products are a powerful resource for scientists working with stem cells and primary cells both within basic research as well as in regenerative medicine companies with a focus on cell therapy applications.

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