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Our vision is to become the leading provider of primary cell culture solutions to enable life-saving therapies.

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BioLamina is a biotechnology company built on a scientific foundation with a legacy in matrix biology and cell culture-based research. We want to help scientists who have struggled for decades to culture embryonic stem cells, induced pluripotent stem cells, and other primary cells. By providing tools for efficient and easy culture, BioLamina aims to smooth the path towards safe and effective cell therapy. Whether your goal is to answer basic scientific questions, advance cell therapies, or make models for drug development, our products can help you in your journey. The power of our Biolaminin® substrates has been shown in numerous publications and they will continue to provide vital support for the stem cell community – from scientific concepts to clinical studies.

Founded to make cell therapy a reality

It all started back in 2008. Kristian Tryggvason, with a Ph.D. in molecular biology and just having finished MBA studies, sat with his father Karl Tryggvason, Professor at Karolinska Institute, to listen to a business proposal. Karl had a research focus on extracellular matrix proteins, and after years of unsuccessful attempts by many groups, he had finally been able to produce full­-length, human recombinant laminin proteins. From those first discoveries, Karl understood that he had invented an excellent research tool with the potential to facilitate the development of cell therapies. BioLamina was founded and quite right; during the company’s first ten years, the full-length Biolaminin products have proved to be essential for high-quality cell research and cell therapy development.

For us, knowledge is everything. We want to be recognized for our premium products, competence, and service. Being an accountable partner, both towards colleagues and cus­tomers, is central in our organization. We do what we say we will do, and we do it with our hearts.

Management Team

Veronica Byfield Sköld

Chief Executive Officer

Therése Kallur

Chief Scientific Officer &
Vice President Business Development

Ulrika Ljungkvist

Head of Production

Harald Eriksson

Vice President Quality

Pia van der Zee

Chief Commercial Officer

Anders Lindblad

Chief Operations Officer/Logistics

Maria Nordin

Head of People

Revolutionize cell culture with us

To work in partnership is a way to reach new innovations. Our goal is to solve challenges in the cell culture field by learning from our partners and evolving together with them. We enjoy discussing cutting-edge science and meeting talented people with their unique knowledge and scientific views. We want to build sustainable relationships with researchers from a myriad of back­grounds and with a variety of skills.

For the projects we engage in, our contributions can be found in all parts of the project development process: from planning, writing project plans, project managing, and reporting, to executing tasks with deliverables related to cell culture improvements and culture standardization. Currently, more than one-third of our product development projects are funded via public grants and for half of these, we are the lead pro­ject manager. All public-funded projects involve at least three collaborators working together, in order to bring our overarching vision of enabling cell therapy to fruition.

We love collaborations and working with ambitious people who are driven by a clear purpose. Together we can achieve something greater!

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